iCandy Peach stroller / Pram buying guide

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This is a quick guide for people looking to buy the iCandy peach stroller 

I hope this helps :)

The iCandy peach has 3 generations!

The iCandy peach 1 comes In 3 Colours. Black Jack ( Brown and Grey ) , Tomato Red and Sweet Pea ( Blue and Green). The iCandy peach 1 was upgraded 3 times. The first iCandy peach released was in 2009 and featured small windows in the hood of the main stroller seat,it also had a velcro in seat liner. Then In 2010 the peach was ungraded and Came with windows in the  stroller seat hoods and ZIP in Seat liners. It was upgraded for the last time in 2011 and iCandy made the hoods with out any windows and the seat liners were Zip in.

The peach 1 had a common fault with the handle bars. The were not made strong enough and a lot snapped. This was the improved with the newer versions and iCandy sell the handle bars as spares. If you need one you will need to call a local iCandy stockist to order one.

The Peach 2 was released in 2012 and Came in a range of colours. Black magic (All black), Berry Bon Bon , Silver mint and Parma Violet. 

The peach 3 has just been released so at this stage there wont be many if any listed on ebay.

The peach stroller can also be used as a double if you purchase a doubles kit. The kit includes a lower seat and converter bars. 

The iCandy peach has 3 different Carrycots which can be confusing. There is a Main carrycot that is to be used straight on to the main peach chassis. There is also a upper and lower peach carrycot. These are to be used with the doubles kit converter bar. You can tell the difference between these as the Main carrycot is more rounded at the front where as the Upper carrycot is more pointed at the front and smaller. 

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