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This is a guide into buying an iPad or tablet. The right tablet for you could not neccessarily be the best one available as many are adapted for certain things. Like the windows tablets tend to be aimed more for work type uses and then you have gaming tablets. Which ever you choose make sure you read into the specs of that tablet I.e ram speed or memory size as a tablet with small memory built in with the option for a sd card tend to be slower as they use the built in memory first which tends to cause lag, or you can get.a tablet with a larger built in memory and then add an sd card which could cause lag because it gets the data from the sd card which can slow the tablet down. 
Also another great tool to use is 'other people' as many people have bought many tablets so take a look at what people had said as some people may buy the wrong tablet for them but may fit the bill in what you are looking for.
To sum it all up make sure you read into the specs and technical data, along with reviews and try to get a feel of what it's aimed at I.e work or games.



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