iPhone 2G vs 3G. Is there much Difference?

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Well Well Well... The new Aple iPhone 3G is out!! But the question is..if you have the 2G one is it worth upgrading to the 3G one yet? Or if you dont have one at all is it worth spending the money?! Well hopefully the following guide I've wrote will help you discern the differences between the 2 and whether you think its worth changing. Enjoy...

The Look and Feel

The 2G iPhone has a smooth metal finish with a black strip on the bottom. The front has a shinny metal bezel which ends around the screen. The buttons are all constructed on plastic and move very easily. The earpiece is back with a black plastic, and the bottom speakers/speakerphone is hidden behind plastic mesh. The headphone jack, is unfortunately recessed.

The iPhone 3G has a smooth glass black finish (also available in white). This finish runs unbroken all around the 3G. All the buttons on the 3G are now constructed with shiny metal (except the home button). This gives them a thicker feel over the cheap feel of the iPhone’s plastic buttons. Instead of a black finish behind the ear piece, there is now a silver perforated mesh. This same mesh is used for the bottom speakers/speaker phone. A new aspect on the bottom side of the 3G is the inclusion of two screws, which could presumably be used to open the case. The second greatest difference is the new inclusion of a no-recessed headphone jack.

The main difference between the interior and exterior of the iPhone and the iPhone 3G, is of course the backside casing. Another key difference is the shape of the back of the two phones. The 2G iPhone is flat across the backside, with rounding near the edges. On the 3G, this rounding much more pronounced as it take on the form of a drawn out dome that tapers near the edges. The rounded back of the 3G also extends out further than that of the original iPhone. The iPhone 3G is also slightly wider than the original iPhone, though not enough to notice. The screen of the iPhone 3G is also slightly warmer than the original, as was mentioned on the news a few weeks ago.

Overall I would say that the 2G's stainless steel finish and greater weight makes it feel of better build quality. The newer one does feel slightly more 'plastiky' and 'cheap' due to it being lighter and its obvious plastic back.

The Features

The difference in features between the iPhone and the iPhone 3G are not large. The 3g does have GPS, and the capability to download data at higher speeds over the 3G network. After testing the GPS, I found it to be very accurate, finding my location within a matter of seconds. Comparing this to the mobilephone tower triangulation on the original iPhone, the 3G is clearly more precise.

The 3G network is much faster than the 2G.  The 3G showed less bars, whereas my 2G showed full bars.  Turning off 3G showed the same results as my iPhone on the 3G.  The 3G was faster downloading App’s and browsing the internet.

Other than the GPS and the 3G network, there is no real difference between the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G as features go.

Overall comparison

Comparing the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G side by side, it is obvious that the iPhone 3G wins as far as new hardware goes.  The only thing that I dislike about the 3G is the black backing.  I much prefer the aluminum backing on my 2G iPhone - it just makes it feel so much better in terms of build quality. So apart from the obvious 3G GPRS network usage there is no discernable major difference (as the new free Software update 2.0 downloadable via iTunes will upgrade most of the 2G's software to the 3G ones anyway!). The only time 3G will benefit will obviously be with the Map/Sat NAV usage and internet speed, and also now (as of 27/4/09) some iTunes apps will only work on the 3G for example the speedometers etc.  Hope this helps. PLEASE RATE THIS GUIDE!! WAS IT HELPFUL??!!


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