iPhone 5 USB Lightning Cable

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You often read reviews regarding iPhone chargers and where the buyer believes they have been sold a fake charger due to problems they have experienced.

Whilst sometimes this is the case as there are fake iPhone chargers out there more often than not the fault lies with the Apple Product itself due to its design.

Some of the updates to ios will cause a message coming up saying the charger is not certified.  Accept this message and then their should be no further problems.

Most sellers of the iPhone USB cable will be providing you with the genuine article, as previously said the problem lies with the design and until Apple rectifies the problems then this is the charger we have got.

Go to the Apple Website, in Iphone Accessories and read the reviews on apples own website regarding the charger and highlights greatly the problems experienced.

What's worst is they are selling them for £15 a go knowing full well the problems with them.

So spare a thought that the majority of problems lie with the chargers themselves not the actual sellers.

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