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So far world hackers are able to hack the phone for the activiation. You can use the phone as an Ipod and WiFi and all other features except the phone it self. Hacker's are working day and night to have the phone Sim-Unlocked. We do have limited supply of phones, please contact us if you have any questions. Below are the links that you will find helpful in regards to unlocking your iPhone. Thank you.
Ph: 0207 669 4262

I used the Jon Lech Jonansen activation method with the phone activation server and it worked as explained in this log. The only thing it DOESN'T explain - is that you need MS Framework for the phone activation server to work. You can get that from the original page...

To put songs and videos onto the phone, I simply plugged my iphone in while activated (the Jon whats his face way), and it recognises the iphone on the itunes software and prompts you to sign up to AT&T when you connect to the i-tunes store.

I ignored this all together, clicked on my music library, and dragged and dropped the songs/videos I wanted onto the iphone - as if I were dropping them into a regular playlist.

Took me a while to figuare that out, so I thought I'd pass it on in case it helps!

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