if you think postage is too high please don't bid.....

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Many ebayers are now saying in their listing that if you think their postage is too high please don't bid, but that if you do bid you are accepting the postage level as reasonable and should not leave negative feedback.  The obvious flaw there is that you have no way of knowing how much the item weighs and therefore cannot judge how much extra is being charged on top.

In my opinion it is only fair to say don't bid if you think postage is too high if you state the actual postage costs (or weight), otherwise I think you take your chances and people will only see once the item arrives whether they have been diddled or not!  Of course it is fair to add a small amount for packaging supplies, and in my personal case as a seller I add between 5p and 10p (depending on bag size) to the actual postage cost and that is all.  Thus if actual postage is £1.24 I would probably charge around £1.30, and I'm fortunate in that I can walk to the post office or ask my husband to go near his work so do not add anything there. 

Despite this, I do not have 5 out of 5 on my postage costs, so I've no idea what I'd need to do to achieve that - I have 4.8 as average which is good but wonder who would have marked me as less than very reasonable on postage!  Similarly I always post within 1 working day but again only have 4.8.  I do think some buyers forget to look at what was paid on the envelope so can't really judge and put a random rating anyway.  Hey ho....

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