importance of SD card classes

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When buying SD cards most look for size which is probably the most important factor however there is also the class to look at.  the higher the class the faster data can be written onto your card.  this is what makes the price difference in them.  read descriptions before buying a sub standard product. 

classes are 2 4 6 and 10, 10 being the fastest

some devices require a minimum this should be checked out before purchasing

The memory card market does sometimes seem overcomplicated, but if there’s one thing you need to remember from this article then it’s this: image quality is completely unaffected by your choice of memory card.

A £5 SD card from a supermarket will give you the same results as using the latest generation of card from Lexar, SanDisk or Samsung. The difference, however, is that the cheaper card may do it much more slowly, be less reliable, have fewer backup measures, different components, and, in terms of memory card data recovery, may not be such a wise choice if things go wrong and your images go missing.
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