in order to keep costs down when posting

Like if this guide is helpful
flatten and fold t-shirts square , fit in large envelope 
 for heavier items use hermes , preferred to parcel force since 1 item was delivered broken and one buyer had a broken item arrived , both sturdy but were thrown or dropped so hard the packaging broke
jewelry fits in a bubble wrap smallest envelope
 bulky items (i used to ship motorbikes,engines , frames , fairings parts etc ,)
best look at your local electro shops for cyclables which they need to pay to have taken away , bubble wrap goes fab round a bike frame , which you then wrap with care putting styro foam sheets on sharp edges
 a lot of engine parts fit in a 2 l milk bottle which can be cut to size and then safely shipped with adequate foam pellets or newspaper wraps or even shredded carton, all easily found in the recycling big bins industrial sites place , just ask permisiion to look for packing material

 flattened boxes  , sheets of carton make excellent self made envelopes and why you do all this , you are saving again a little corner of the planet by recycling

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