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I bought two VOLVO front corner lamps from jocktheshockerrr  for £47.48.  The cheque went through my account on 31st. May.

I have not received them.  Contacting him only generates an automatic email respense.  It is impossible to get his phone number as the lamps are still listed as a current item. There is a ebay dispute process underway but all I stand to get is about £10. If ebay insist on me photcopying my cheques (as their instructions state) I will have to get them back from the Bank first which will cost me £5 per cheque! 

Since I bought these lamps the seller has made his feedback private, so there seems to be no way to alert other users except by writing a guide.

I have no wish to be unfair.  If I get the lamps or a refund I will edit this accordingly, let it run for  while so people can see everything has been resolved and then delete it. .

John Davies (Rev.)

troglodytesareus at



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