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ok lets see if all police are going (digital) i mean to tettra!!! and you can not lock into police frequencys with even there old radio,they why would there be a need to delete all police dadt from them? think about it!! right heads up on tettra, tettra is a frequency lock even if you lock on to the frequency or should i say police beacon! all your going to get is a series of beebs yes? so dont throw your old scanners! y ? for all the idiots out there pick up your old scanner and put on the old police channels you have stored you will hear beep,beep,beep beep,beeb see the pattern its morse code yes? that beacon still throws out a signal! so y cant we hear anything but beeps? answer it is giving you what there saying!!!! you need something to convert the beeps into voice reconnition ENGLISH something we can understand lol REPEAT first line TETTRA plug a tettra headset into your scanner then listen!!!! if you look at police oficers they cant use there radio without the headset FACT!! all they did was change there old radio's for better looking things to move with the times and trick people into thinking you cant listen!!!!! you can buy digital scanners but no such thing as tettra scanners coz tettra is the scramble code!!
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