justclickshoes Problem resolving procedure

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I have to say that I know only of my case and no one else’s. I will be writing only Facts, facts that I can prove.

My Partner ordered Shoes NEW LOWHEEL LADIES WHITE SANDALS BRIDAL WEDDING SHOES 8. but received Silver. Complained and I was told they haven’t got any NEW LOWHEEL LADIES WHITE SANDALS BRIDAL WEDDING SHOES 8 in Stock How ever they can offer her size 7. We needed it for our son’s christening. After being told they haven’t got any, I was really angry as there were only 3 days left until the big day., and still an extreme amount of things to sort out. No time to look for shoes. So I wanted a full refund also demanded the postage as well. – You can’t blame the one for trying. -  I also advised them, that I will be leaving negative feedback..
One letter after the other came, frightening with court, solicitors, etc. By rights I have 7 days to return the item with reason anyway. So I did. A week Later still all have got an email that says, I will not be refunded until positive feedback is left. When I left negative feedback, The comments were insulting, and lies. I can prove all of this!!!!

Straight after I left the feedback I received one in return that was a lie, received a message as follows:  “Arsehole”
Also received an insulting comment as reply to the feed back I left, referring to my Partners mum. Who -  God bless her -  has passed away. When I told them she has, they replied: “SPINNING IN HER GRAVE…”
These are the sort of people you are dealing with @ justclickshoes when you are not satisfied.

Communication between us has been filed as proof (Emails, ebay messages).

Good luck to Anyone trying to expres their dissatisfaction towards justclickshoes.


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