kirby, the slightly unknown best vacuum cleaner.

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cleans with ease.

great cut price vacuum, £1000 new but can be picked up for £100 with loads of attachments to wash your carpets, sofas or curtains. you can also get spray painters, sanders shoe polishers and airbed inflator attachments.
i have just purchased my second kirby. the 1st one i had needed new carbon brushes which retail around £10, but i managed to buy a second hand kirby G4 from ebay albit without any attachments (which i already had from my previous G3).

these are a bit heavy but for an all in one vacuum and carpet cleaner that is so well built that they last 40 years + just shows how good and well built these machines are, kirby recommends they get serviced every year but this can easily be done at home (there are loads of youtube videos) i really do highly recommend the kirby brand and i did own a dyson before to compare it to.
there are quite a few different kirbys now, but anything like the G3 on to the G9 are worth having, i have to say that kirby have cut a few corners on the later G10 sentria by putting on a plastic handle that can break in the post.

if you do go on and buy a kirby i would try to get one with the carpet cleaner and a hose, these are the main things that i use.

my g10 will live on, it will be going on ebay soon.

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