lay z spa heater NEVER worked!!!

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I bought my lay z spa last night form our local jtf store and got it home much to our kids delight as we had been saving for ages to afford one, (not sure about you but £200 dousnt come that easy to me) read the instructions carefully and watched the dvd before laying the pool out on a nice smooth ready prepared surface and inflating it, then filled it with the hose, which took about two hours, came back to check the water level, did the filter/heater unit test, selected a temp of 40 degrees which is the top heat and waited....and waited, it said 19 degrees and i figured this could take a while so off we went to bed....

next morn.... still 19 degrees so i re read the instructions, re set the  heatings and left it again and ... NOTHING!!!, NO HEAT AT ALL!

24 hours after we bought it we have finaly given up hope and decided that were not mad and missing something simple, the  heater element must have failed.... to come alive in the first place.   the bubbles work as does the filter, the lcd dispaly says all the right things,and the red heat light comes on when you start the heat up... theres no fault with the pool its self infact id say im very pleased with the pool and casing, but the big heater/filter is a total let down and needs addressing. our pool is also in a big gazebo so weather protected.

i contacted jtf today who were very proffesional in their mannor but its not their problem and we have to take up the issue with bestway....


ive emailed the company so we shall see, very dissapointing as we had some time of work to enjoy with our children and this has ben devastating for them.

judjing from the other reports its a common problem for a heater to go within a few weeks or months of use but ours never got going in the first place!

summery...such a shame


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