lazy town, NOT RIPPED OFF Dont be put off ebayers,

Like if this guide is helpful

There is a comment about ebayers being ripped off on lazy town items, it lists places where items can be found & the rrp price.

i found these comments deeply offensive as i sell alot of NEW kiddies toys over christmas & i dont RIP my fellow ebayers off !!

yes, there are people who try to make alot of money out of people, but these auctions would be BUY IT NOW for stupid sums of money. 

if ebayers keep BIDDING this is not the sellers RIPPING them off as they have no controll over the end auction price.

Ebayers that Bid are prepared to pay this amount, maybe they live overseas or their stores dont have the items or maybe they dont know where to look for these items, like amazon, or maybe they cant get to the shops, or maybe they just bid on ebay to get a bargain.

Dont forget ebayer who made this comment, if many ebayers out there like me sell NEW items, where do you think we get them from ? & how much do you think we pay for them ?

All my listings are genuin, if i pay £2.00 for an item i list it for £2.00, if this item sells for £4.00,  you havent made any profit as you have to take in to account, listing fees, ebay fees, pay pal fees, also if i bourght items from amazon or shops you need to take into account the postage fees i paid, or time & petrol getting the items.

so, to the ebayer who posted this message, be careful what you post, as HONEST ebayers & THERE ARE ALOT OF US take offensive to this, GENUIN EBAYERS will have good feedback, & will not  OVERCHARGE on buy it now items.

SO, to all the ebayers out there, dont be put off by thinking you are being ripped off, if you bid on any item this means thats what you are willing to pay, us sellers have no control over the way bidding is, sometimes you will get a bargain, if we take a chance & list a £5.00 item for 99p, & it sell for 99p, we dont write making silly comments that we are being ripped off, THEMS THE BREAKS .... 

this has been wrote from me & behalf of my fellow ebayers.  




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