leather suite - sofa - settee care guide

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Leather suite Care guide

There are 6 main types of leather used to make furniture, you need to know which you have.

1. Sealed Leathers, often called Corrected Grain. This leather is top surface coloured then a clear protective sealant is sprayed over the colour, this leather is the most common, to test if you have this leather drip a small amount of water on a hidden area, if it sits there for 15 minutes or more, you have a sealed leather.

2. Antique Rubbed. These usually have a very shiny finish, in the case of Antique Rubbed a base coat of colour is applied first, dried then a dark shade is applied over the top, areas are then rubbed and the light colour underneath shows through. A protective coating is then sprayed over the top to seal in the colours.

3. Semi Aniline. This leather is coloured by dyes which penetrate the leather, a thin clear sealant is sprayed over it, this sealant gives some protection, but not much, to test for Semi Aniline, drip water on a hidden area and if it soaks in within 5 minutes you have Semi Aniline.

4. Pure Aniline. Dyed as above but without any protective sealant, fades and stains easily. Do the water test, water will soak in within 30 seconds.

5. Waxed pull-up. This is a pure aniline or sometimes Nubuck, waxed or oiled, this treatment gives some protection against spilt liquids, but fades and dries out quickly with heat and clothing. It also shows slight "scratches" if rubbed with a blunt object, this is sometimes done at the factory to give an aged look.

6. PU Leather or Bicast Leather. This is a leather with a plastic type coating and generally very shiny. It's very similar to Patent leather often used on shoes. Keep away from strong heat, clean with a just a damp cloth. Cannot be conditioned because of the plastic coating. Conditioning could cause the coating to part from the base leather.



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