look at the time!!

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hey-you, how long have you been sitting there.......far too long i would guess. So stop reading this, log off and go outside. there's a whole world out there.


If you cant bring yourself to do it, read on. - if you must..........you are wasting too much time looking at your screen. searching for that juicy bargain, or worse still, other peoples completed bargains. -my, that is sad.   -thats like going to a market, and asking the bloke how much people were buying bacon for last week. -iI've bought tons of stuff off ebay. and got real fat in the proccess. -I've even bought razor blades coz i'm too lazy to walk to the shop and buy some.  -but i love a bargain, - so i can go to work and tell people about it.  Wow, how sad.  

there is a whole world out there, -in colour 3d not pixels, and there is no little cross in the top right hand corner.  -  bet you have even got the telly going in the background.  Go and breathe some town air. Its great, especially when its a bit chilly on your cheeks. -or if you cant bear to go out into the metropolis of crime and greed,  just ring someone up. -preferably someone you know, and catch up. -talk about the news and the price of bacon if you must. -and dont do that, 'ooh i'll ring that person, that i know will be out, so i can  leave a message, so it looks like i care, but really cant be bothered to talk to right now'. -its more relaxing than worrying about how much you should have bid on that piece of junk. .

Go to a shop tomorrow, and pick something up, -think of the postage you have just saved! and when you buy something in the shops, just as the shop is closing, you dont have to wonder if somone is gonna snatch it from in the final seconds of the day. 

I'm doing this for you, as i'm waiting for some friends to come round so we can go out for a meal. -that's great too. -socialising. -but lets not get too deep for now, one step at a time. Just have an arms-up stretch and close all those windows down, one by one so you see where you have been wasting your life, and finally, turn it off.   -and the T.V.!

go on, log off, I dare you.  at least go and talk to your partner. or do some tidying up.  

LOG OFF! it's that little red square that Bill doesn't want you to reallly click.

I hope you found the last minute slightly useful. let the other sad people know how useful, and how much you care..










....oh sod you then, buy another bloomin' DVD!   - I've seen 'Cars' at the cinama with the kids, -it fantastic, but wait for the real DVD  release, it will be worth it.

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