make a quick prawn cocktail

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this is my favourite starter, throwback to the 70's and 80's but i still enjoy this today, to make a really quick prawn cocktail, make sure you have enough prawns for as many people as you need, they can be fresh prawns that you will need to peel yourself or if they are frozen make sure you have defrosted them thoroughly, a lettuce, i prefer iceberg for the crunch but you can use any lettuce,  add thousand island dressing,  if you don't have any of that you can make your own it is really easy,  all you need is mayonnaise and a little tomato ketchup, mix those together and you have thousand island dressing, taste the dressing before you add this to  make sure it tastes ok, you may need to add a little more mayonnaise or ketchup, then cut lettuce and place in to bowls , add prawns then add the dressing and mix, you can then add a slice of lemon too at the side if preferred and you can also put a sprinkle of paprika on too for a different taste, that's it now just eat and enjoy!!!!!
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