mamas papas dolls pram package read this b4 u buy

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ok ive been bargain hunting again !!

mamas papas dolls package the one with the pram with rain cover and canoppy and bag  bath wardobe cot & high chair  in baby blue & navy

ok we all no christmas is around the conner and i no as i mother of 2 myself kids want everything

and money is tight for the population of the uk at the moment (our is it just me lol )

now as ive said b4 im all out for people making a few pound no harm in that but when sellers put 3 times the retail price & postage on it well gets me ratty

so mamas papas pushchair in ARGOS CLERANCE ZONE

package £24.99

the pushchair on its own £22

the double twin pushchair in mamas papas £13.25

so belive me shop around dont rush into anything on ebay look around first

im not a moaner but i like to share all my bargains and not see folk get ripped of

hope this helps 1 person on ebay xx

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