massive problem with pay-pal and your order!

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Hello everybody who has bought a Nintendo from me.

I am having problems with Paypal, they have decided to hold your funds in my paypal account for 21 days. As you can well understand, this is totally unacceptable. I can not afford to send out £1000's of pounds of equiptment and not get paid for nearly a month.

I have contacted them and asked them to remove this money lock from your payments and their response has been to put a limit on the paypal account.

I have emailed them again and followed all steps to remove the limitation on my account, so i will give them untill 12 noon tomorrow to sort this mess out or i will be forced to issue everone with a refund.

I am really sorry for this and i hope that you dont have any hard feelings towards me, as this is not my doing. Its probably their hugely expensive security systems on their website that have done this and no-one there knows how to sort it out!

if in the unfortunate situation where i have to issue the refunds tomorrow, i will also send a mutual agreement to cancel the transaction. This way, i will not have a ridiculously large bill from ebay for items that were not sold. This agreement does in no way affect your ebay account whatsoever.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems, and please also leave me positive feedback once you get your money back as i have a feeling that this situation is going to ruin my perfect score.

Once again sorry, but this is out of my hands.



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