micralite what a great buggy, why i reccomend it

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I bought a red micralite  and i have to say its one of the strangest prams i have ever seen but also one of the most practical, i cant say how it would be for a younger baby but i have had it for my 2 and a half year old, and its the most comfortable pram shes had, i cant get her out it. I have had 13 prams between my 2 girls in the last 5 years ranging from, mamas and papas to maclarens, but none have been as easy to push, this is the first pram i have had that you can push with one hand, it steers excellent and as for floding, its so easy , you really can do it one handed.

Everything about this pram is just so easy, it comes ready made up and all you do is put on the wheels, no fiddly poppers for the raincover either and the raincover comes in its own little bag.

The pram does tip if you have to much on the handles but only if the childs not in it, and after reading someone else review on another pram, you can put little weights that you get to put on you wrists onto the bottom of the base and then it wont tip, i have never really found it a problem though, shopping basket id hard to acsess but apart from that i really cant reccomend the pram anymore, its so nice to push and my little one always lloks so compfy in it.

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