misleading and bogus ebayers!!!!

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I have always tried to be a good and honest ebayer providing an honest description of my items for sale and paying immediately for items I have bought.

I have noticed recently that there are many conmen trying to pass themselves off as geniune trust worthy people.

These are the same people who ask for items to be sent to nigeria, they send you an e-mail saying that once you have sent the item and provided a tracking number they will release a fake postal order through some internet company who don't exist if e-mails don't show up in your ebay message box then the e-mails you have recieved are spoof.

Also another new scam is to send you an email saying you owe for an ebay item mine was for a rolex watch. What happens next is it sends you to a spoof ebay and they get your login details, change your pin so you can't access your account and if you have card or bank details on your account they then use them to buy stuff..

The most recent one I have come across is people who get about 30 positve feedback and list a load of items which you pay for and then they close their ebay account about 2 or 3 days after and nick off with your money Alvin-sales a prime candidate.

The unfortunate thing is now as an honest ebayer how can we trust genuine people joining ebay and we trust people with 30 positive feedback. I think ebay should have tighter policies why should you have to wait ten days before you can report an item not recieved by this time they have long gone with your money.

I think when you join ebay you have to register a bank account as compulsory like you do at paypal. You should not be able to close your ebay account until you have recieved your last feedback from your last sale.

I love ebay it great for a bargain or to sell stuff that you might think is junk but other people think is a bargain.

Come on ebay sort it out!!!!!
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