more fakes in railwayana

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now then potential bidders, lets not get too dismissive on all items that may not seem as they are.... railway casting through the years, particulary BR , was never going to be exact every time as the job of casting was quite often handed down to the junior man on the floor, so that 'built on a friday afternoon' feel is quite common.......

having said that

the number of fakes, reproductions and blatant copies of original signs from various railway companies is abound.

ebay rules mean i cant name the sellers here but please people take care before bidding on Midland tresspasses, LNER gate notices, depot plaques, brass GWR 'candle lamps' and grease nipples' signs. LSWR notices,LNWR plate boundaries and others( hudsons dog bowls, shut this gate etc)

a friend recently bought one of these off ebay, knowing it was fake but as it was to be situated in a public place the cost incase it was stolen etc made it a sensible thing to do.

upon arriving at the sellers abode to collect the item a whole shed full of brand new recently paint signs from all the above companies where stacked ready to be sold. the seller refused to admit they where fake but did say they all came from India.

the wording on the descriptions of these untrue items is very clever and it never mentions anything about being old, original, rusty etc neither does it mention being fake, imported, made of alloys and iron fillings either.


of course his neglect to mention anything to sway bidders from the truth  was brought up only to be answered with spite and anger.

just ask the seller for a picture of the rear of any sign you wish to bid on and its ture id will be clear, as all the modern signs are painted white or black on thje rear in matt paint with no wear what so ever. Originals as im sure you dont need me to tell you will be corroded, pitted, rust ridden etc even if shot blasted and painted 'time can not lie to even the untrained eye'


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