mountain bikes and parts

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Buying mountain bikes and parts on ebay can be brilliant or expensive it all comes down to research. When buying a bike on ebay make sure you research the bike on other websites and if you can get to a store and have a sit on it or one better a test ride. When it comes to bikes its not all about the cheapest bike the quality is the upmost important thing. Second hand bikes can swing both ways, if the bike has been looked after it could be a bargain but if not once you've got the bike you could end up paying out for more parts and a service which can get expensive, so to that end don't hesitate to ask if you can go view the bike or ask for more photos and info, ask for the history of the bike and if its ever been serviced.
Buying parts for a bike are the same, make sure you do your research. check other websites and look up reviews. Most importantly make sure the parts fit your bike. again ask for extra photos if your not satisfied with what your looking at, because things like forks can get expensive to repair and can be dangerous if they are damaged.
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