musicfreaks uk don't reply to e-mails & has 2 profiles!

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On the 19th August 2007, I bought a CD from musicfreaks-uk.

I paid straight away as always with PayPal.  On his auction he advertises Fast Shipping.

I have still to this day not recieved the CD.  Which was only suppose to be 2 weeks.  It's now been nearly 3 months.  I have e-mailed musicfreaks-uk everyday since that day from my own Yahoo account and Ebay account, asking about the CD.

I'm yet still awating a reply or response from musicfreaks-uk! I've sent over 300 E-mails and still nothing.

musicfreaks-uk sent me 3 e-mails excatly the same, asking me to add feedback.  I've E-mailed musicfreaks-uk again explaining that I'm still waiting for the CD to arrive.  But musicfreaks-uk just replied to my message saying please leave feedback.

After reading carefully through his feedbacks, I have noticed that I am not the only one, that has sent numerous e-mails and not had a reply.  I feel as though I am one of those that he wants me to add feedback, which he knows that I am not happy and that I have e-mailed him from my own Yahoo account and Ebay account, and he's not repsonse to either.

His answer would be I've never contacted him, like he has put on other peoples.  If anyone wants to see the E-mails that I have sent musicfreaks-uk, just message me and I'll post them to you.

This is my evidence that I have sent musicfreaks-uk e-mails from both my Yahoo and Ebay account.

Therefore musicfreaks-uk can not deny recieving the e-mails.

Before buying or bidding on musicfreaks-uk  auctions just be careful!


It's now the 26th September 2007, sent 2 messages per day and still no reply. Sent 3 messages yesterday and not 1 reply!  Musicfreaks-uk it still ignorning me.

I will now send him a message from my Ebay account and my Yahoo Account, on the hour every hour until I get a response.




28th Sept 07

Sent him 4 more messages from both my Ebay and Yahoo account asking when the CD will be sent? Still no response.


It's been 7 weeks now!

Sent him 3 more messages from both Ebay and Yahoo, still no response and still no cd. Not going to give up.  Still want to know why he has not sent me the CD.  It would have be quicker if I got a plane out to the USA.  Will update again.


It's now the 8th of October, sent Musicfreaks-uk 35 more messages since my 4th update from both my Yahoo and Ebay account. He decided to take the mick and send me a message asking for me to leave back for CD I haven't got yet.  I opened a PayPal and Ebay Dispute with Musicfreaks-uk last week and Musicfreaks-uk still hasn't sent the CD or replied to either of them.  Have asked him for evidence but he wont show any because he's got none.


10th of October, Musicfreaks-uk still hasn't replied or has he sent me the CD? Still waiting for him to reply to my Ebay and Paypal dispute, but he's ignorning them as well!!!! How much can someone take the mick?


12th October, Still no reply to the messages I sent yesterday and not today.  Still hasn't answer to my PayPal or Ebay Dispute - Just ignoring them!


16th October - Still nothing from Musicfreaks, he's still ignorning all e-mails from Ebay, Yahoo and Paypal. Have now esculated the PayPal dispute to PayPal - Because he's being ignornat and not answering any e-mails or sent my CD, waiting to claim my money back.  He's got 20 days to answer PayPal - But I doubt he will answer.  Will keep everyone posted - but I bet there will be no change.


18th October Still no response from Musicfreaks-uk sent him 4 messages 2 from Yahoo and 2 from Ebay, Also sent him a message through My Ebay Dispute, and he still hasn't replied to my Paypal Dispute.  Sent 2 more today, I have a funny feelin' that he's going to wait till the very last day of my PayPal claim and not pay he's going to lie again.

Still waiting for E-mail, CD, Response to E-mails, Ebay Dispute, PayPal Dispute.  This guy has done nothing but steal my money, not reply to me - just ignores me. Will sent him another message later to day.


20th October and still no reply to any of my 400 and rising E-mails from both my Yahoo and Ebay account.  Musicfreaks-uk still hasn't replied to any of my PayPal or Ebay Dispute.  He's just ignorning them. 

HAVE NOW FOUND OUT THAT MUSICFREAKS-UK HAS 2 - YES TO PROFILE NAMES 1 - musicfreaks-uk and the 2nd is music-freaksThey are the same person.  I have reported this to Ebay and PayPal now. I have sent him a message from both accounts why he has 2 profile names?? This look really dodgy.  Is the reason why he has 2 profile names, so he can get away with stealing money from people?????

Will send him another 2 e-mails and see if I get a response - doubt it though.


Snr Musicfreaks 6 more messages and still no response and still no CD arrived? He's still ignorning my E-bay and PayPal dispute.  It's now nearly 500 e-mails that I've sent Musicfreaks and he still hasn't replied or sent the CD.........  I really do regret bidding on the CD now with Musicfreaks-uk I've been ignorned and ripped off.

Will update again tomorrow

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