my experience of buying and selling on ebay

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Having bought and sold items from various sellers and ebayers,  i feel i have experienced everything from conartist to top sellers. i have bought items as small as  a ring to as big as motor bikes and cars. most of my bought items have been spot on, quick postage at a fair cost. i have occassionally bought items at a higher price than i would in the shops, this is a greedy side of me if i bid i do it to win. my strategy is to watch the item and bid at 1 min left til end of auction. this has mostly gauranteed me a buy at the price i want. sellers i have won from have mostly been a pleasant experience. i have had the odd accassion when the item has never arrived or is not the way it was described.

my top tips for having a good buy and been a good seller are..

  1. communication is a must, email, ring, text keep the seller and buyer informed at all times

  2. describe your item accurately, mention the dents, scratches or faults

  3. be fair with postage, dont con people, it always fires back on you

  4. be careful with feedback, only give neg feed back if necessary as most people repay you with neg fb.

  5. treat people how you wish to be treated.




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