my guide to referral website for free gifts

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Referral websites are becoming very common now, to get amazing gifts for absolutely nothing. These methods have been confirmed by the BBC and CNN. Just type it into youtube to see the news reports.

Here, i am going to write a guide for you, so that you can glide through your referrals, in the easiest way possible.

there are 4 steps:

1. visit:

this is a website which details how you can get your free gifts.

2. Choose one of the freebie websites based on which gift you want.

3. sign up for that website, and complete an offer. in my opinion, the best offer is LoveFilm, as you get to rent a DVD or game for free, and then just send it back. you don't have to pay anything for this, as it is just a free trial.

4. Refer the number of friend you need for your free gift.


thanks for viewing my guide, and i wish you all the success of freebie websites in the future!

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