navigo V2 sat nav system upgrades

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Hello and welcome to my guide on owning A Navigo V2 sat nav system.

First of all, the price of these units are good, the hardware is of a good quality, it's a nice size so you can easily carry it around when not in use.

The battery life is around 1 hour when in use, that's with maximum screen brightness, maximum volume and daytime colours.

The charging system is mini USB, so it can be recharged by a number of ways, P.C., car cigarette port, phone charger, and USB chargers.

However, the biggest failing for the system is the software.

Turbodog, by astrob.......

Widely discussed on internet forums for being lousy, crap, useless and so on, and I have to agree with them, the map is inaccurate, there is terrible map lag (the sat nav being behind where you actually are), and the correction speed when you make a mistake is very long, the map view is also basic at best, but that's not a bad thing, a basic map is easier to read quickly then a complex map.

You can convert the unit to run on the Tomtom operating system, but this is complex, and unless you can get the hardware and software for low prices, a waste of time.

However, you can improve the unit for very little money, by buying a european map upgrade pack.

There are two ways of doing this.

1: going to the astrob website (if you can actually find it) and paying them £50 for a download.

2: Buying the Navigo european map pack on e-bay, pre loaded onto a memory-card, with DVD-rom backup, and instruction manual for around £20 (mine was from ebuyerexpress for £19).

It is still turbodog software, but it has been vastly improved, it's not on par with route 66 or Tomtom (having use both, I know), but it's not too far off in terms of accuracy and detail, the location details and postcode systems have improved drastically, even where I live in North Wales, a known dead zone for most sat nav systems in the past.

If you have any Navigo sat nav system with the original UK and Irish maps, this upgrade is for you, inexpensive, makes your sat nav more valuable if you come to sell, and is a noticeable improvement in performance and accuracy, there is still map lag, that can be forgiven of such a cheap upgrade.

highly recommenned software upgrade.

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