need more sellers rights on ebay

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Ebay is great for buying, but its a different story when it comes to selling,, as there are little rights for the seller ive been hit too many times by buyers who havent recieved there item or there is faults with the item all too often.. i have had people damage the items themselve in hope of a refund or disount off item,, it really is a vicious game,, i try to take as many photos of a item now to cover all areas so they cant claim but now theres things bein done they claim couldve been done in postage which i know full well couldnt,, then theres the items ive sent tracked to another country the parcels got to the other country but not been deliverd to really sick of it,,as a single mum not a business i try to sell my stuff to raise petty cash for me and my daughters but all that tends to happen is it ends up costing us money when we get hit by these scammers who know they can claim anything to paypal to get there money,,its a joke, im absolutley sick of it.. If this is happening to you, make complaints to FSA & Ombudsman,, the more they get the more it is likely to change sellers rights, as it seems all we see on ebays homepage is buyer protection, it time we had some for sellers!!

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