negatives and slides in transport/ railwayana/copyright

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hi my name is paul (super-plumb) and i have a few tips and guides for ebayers who buy and sell slides and negatives in the railwayana section of transport as i do myself. honest selling is the very heart and soul of all decent ebay members. when selling these type of items it is so important to give your customers as much info as possible to secure your sale.  

always state the loco number, date of shot and location as this will stop the buyer from emailing for the details and if it is the case you can state certain details are unknown. all these details are important to serious collectors who may pass you by just for the sake of an undated item.

  1. postage costs can make or break your sales and all the hardened ebay railway buyers know who is overcharging and avoid their auctions. a good example is a similar item at £1.00 plus £1.50 p+p will not hold against a price of £2.50 post free. although the end result is the same it generates the feeling of a good deal as against a feeling of being ripped of for the postage costs. combining postage costs of  5 items at 0.80p each to a rounded figure of say £1.20 is a good way of generating goodwill and customer loyalty when repeat purchases are generated. swift postage of sold items is always good for your business and builds respect and confidence.

  2. copyright means just that. you can produce as many items from the copyrighted items and sell them accordingly. with slides and negatives the question of copyright is usually stated in the auction so if it is not stated it is more than likely a copy.                                         copyright can pass from person to person when sold in auction. it depends what kind of collector you are, personally i only buy items with copyright so i can sell prints off the negs and slides.

  3. slides first. it is very easy to copy slides to a good standard and mass production can be very profitable.the cost is very small and the profit margin can be large.the older slides had the date stamped or impressed on them and are easily identified. i once  paid for a slide of a warship (D800 class) with supposed copyright and the casing was dated 1984 over ten years after it was could have been a replacement casing but it wasnt and it cost me £25.00 for a £2.00 copy.                                                                                                  be wary if there is a slide of a locomotive you require for your collection being offered and there is no mention of copyright there will most likely be none unless of course you just want an image of your loco.

  4. negatives are very hard and expensive to reproduce and you need high tec machinery to do so. but there are fakes on the market and the main way is to actually photograph an old print of a loco and then sell your copied negative and print as an original. yes i have bought a couple of these myself in my earlier deals. i bought a neg of 10000 only to see the same image in a railway book and on close inspection i could see it was a copy---live and learn is the lesson here.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 overall ebay is perhaps the safest market in the world to  trade within and rogue dealers dont last long before they are eliminated.                                                                                                              remembering if it looks too good to be true it usually is.

these are all my own personal views and experiences and i hope they may help you increase your ebay business and help you not to be deceived or cheated...................thanks for looking paul c.

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