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After using parcel2go for a long time I have never experienced such poor and inadequate service from both the delivery men and customer services. My parcel was wrapped (according to the parcel2go packaging advice) with multiple layers of bubblewrap, a thick layer of heavy duty cardboard on every side and shrink wrapped to seal it. I labelled it non machineable freight and fragile to which the delivery man confirmed it would not be put on a machine. I paid extra to insure my item. My customer received it damaged, with a leg broken, corners smashed, paintwork ruined and sides all loose (a cupboard). This is beyond repair, I had no option but to refund my customer and make a claim which has taken weeks to sort out. The response from customer services being that I had inadequately wrapped my item and therefore would not receive a penny back!!!! Parcel2go is a complete con, the stress they have put me under and valuable money I have lost during my pregnancy is unreal and unneccessary. After reading hundreds of similar reviews online I can only imagine they need every penny they can scam off people in order to stay afloat. I suggest anyone thinking of using this parcel courier runs for the hills because if anything goes wrong you will not receive a penny back and their customer service is the worst Ive come across.
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