new feedback rules are being exploited

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i am writing this guide to tell every seller what they already know. since ebay introduced their new feedback rules (sellers can no longer leave neutral or negative feedback), i have decided to stop selling on ebay.

Whilst i have not yet been a victim, several of my friends have. The winning bidders in several of their auctions have used the "contact seller" link, and asked to be contacted regarding the sale, as they have a problem, and leave a phone number. good ebay sellers will usually do all they can to accomodate a buyer.

when contacted, they then ask for the item to be delivered with either the postage waived, or a reduction in the sale price. in other words, blackmail. if they dont get their way, they leave negative feedback. no comeback. no repercussions.

it doesnt matter if you contact ebay to report this, it just appears that nothing is done to help the seller. we are the ones paying all the fees, we are the ones that generate all of ebays' income. we are the ones needing help.

the only tool we have available now is to put a note in our next listing, letting everyone know who tried to rip us off, but then the listing will probably be removed for breaching ebay guidelines.

I think the answer is to not allow any negative feedback to appear on a buyer or seller feedback rating until ebay have investigated and are satisfied that one, or both parties, merit such a rating. 


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