not everthing is as it seams !!

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my guide is about not letting greed cloud your judgement . i got told that o2 sims were what everyone wants espec genie ones !!, so thinking i could make a few quid i scoured ebay.greed cut in and despite seeing loads of adds for theam i went ahead and bought some !, wow i thought and saw pound signs before my eyes then reality kicked in i asked about in a few places and was told how meany do you want i,ve got loads !! you can have theam for free !!. i even saw a web site giving theam away !! so my reason for writing this is to warn ebayers like me new to the art of ebaying totally check out before you buy anything if you can either sell it on ,how readily available the item your after is ,and get the facts before you part with your hard earned cash !.i,ve now learned the hard way and will be carefull in future !
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