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If you're a little overeager to get a particular item, it's too easy to forget about the high carriage charges that some sellers make. For items that aren't particularly large or heavy, namely a set of six table forks, I've seen simultaneous offers to send for £2.50 up to (in one case) £8.50.

The commonest charge for sending this fairly popular item was around £3, which seems roughly acceptable. The seller who wanted £8.50 had no interest in explaining why his charge was close to three times the average; he wasn't offering some superduper police-escorted personalised delivery, only the same service as the other sellers were quoting at the aforementioned level of £3 average.

Draw your own conclusions; I certainly did.

And as a result didn't bid.

Overseas dealers selling items like watches for ridiculously low "prices" but with *seriously* loaded postage charges are another matter altogether...

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