opening the door to another world through ebay

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Wanting to clear a room (attic) from hundreds of books all relating to my past.  I found ebay the best way to distribute them. The books seemed to pick the people rather than the other way round, and my daily treck to the post office has had me meet new faces I would have never otherwise met before.

    Ebay people I have found to be very friendly, curteous and straight forward, many of them becoming cyberspace companions.

   I have learned so much through selling on ebay and have become an expert at bagging, wrapping and boxing, putting little free gifts in here and there. 

I am also surprised on how many times I could have sold the back ground cloths I use instead of the item up for auction.

The questions I am sometimes asked often have me laughing out loud too.  So there is never a dull moment with ebay

It has  definitely opened a doorway to another world for me.

Having had my own set of cards and book published a couple of years ago, I found it beneficial  to put my www. link on the bottom of each listing too, this has promoted much interest and sold quite a few of the published books. I have even been invited to do a couple of workshops with the The Inner Visions ( published  cards and books )

Consequently, Ebay has helped me to distribute things from the attic all over the world from the west indies to australia, from crete to china, america and peru and even some viewers from my own home town have bought the old books I had on local interest.

So if you have an attic that needs clearing, do consider ebay, its certainly worth while.

One man's rubbish is definitely another man's treasure

Thanks Ebay

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