parcel to go gangsters

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Got to honest had no probs till i had a problem ,then they were not much help to me.

Parcel was damaged when delivered to a ebay winner ,so i complained after getting to the live help screen,they told me that unless i openend up an account with them with the email the parcel was sent with ,then i could not get a claim started.

I as a free man and not wishing to comply with this due to protecting my identity and so not to be bombarded with spam said i do not want to do this ,also there is a thing called the data protection act ,said no.

Sarah if thats a real person said then i can not claim for damage,i said send me a paper claim form and i will do it old school ,she said no they do not do that.

Now i am going to county court to get an outcome as i feel they have been unreasonable to me ,dont use these people and by the way if any one can find there phone number to talk to a real human being let me know,but i reckon you got more chance in finding jimmy hoffa first ,regards gilbey 007     

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