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Hi I love using particles dont you ??? What I dont like however is the preperation , but it has to be done and it has to be done properly.

First things first though .What is a particle, a particle is a small bait or if you like small item of food, of some description. You could call mini boilies particles if you like , here in this guide I shall be concerning myself with seed baits though.

Right, what particle for what type of bottom your fishing on, gravel mud silt sand,  what colour is the water, green , murky clear and so on. What particles have been used on the water so far , to your knowledge.

You must consider all of these things carefully and using your judgement and knowledge of the water try and make the right choice.

I will try and give you a couple of examples here, that may be of some use to you.

1) small lake 1 acre or less, water is clear, well weeded, with a firm bottom in most places. plenty of firm gravel.  There is a low stocking of carp with some good fish up to 30 lbs or so . Anglers on the lake have used sweetcorn and hemp and red band  on a regular basis.  The fish have been  caught on corn and boilies. Anglers use  particles mainly as an attractor while using boilies as hookbaits.

I would probably use maples as they probably wouldnt of been used for a while . To start with I would buy 2 or 3 bags (25kg)

Start by soaking a bag for 24 plus hours and then boil for about an hour + just keep an eye on them  and test till starting to get a bit soft . then transfer to 20 litre buckets.

Let these sit in the garage for  day or so in the buckets with the water you boiled them in just covering them.

Plan your assault on the water. Bait up at regular intervals during the weeks to come. I would normally bait up for about two or three weeks  before fishing .

At first I would try to cover every part of the lake, so that most of the bottom has a smattering of bait. On a small lake less than an acre this shouldnt be too hard.

I would try and bait it so that if a fish feeds on the bottom he will take in some bait try and make my bait the natural source of food. In THE FIRST WEEK OF BAITING I WOULD USE SAY 25 KGS OF BAIT.

This may seem like a lot of bait but dont forget our lake has some big fish in  probably more than  a dozen over twenty pounds and say 40 fish mainly doubles, dont forget the very large tench up to 8 lbs and of coarse the small fish , all will want their share of your bait .  

On the second and third weeks I  concentrate on 3 or 4 swims with just a small scattering around rest of lake.

Put some bait in the  margins so you can see that it is disappearing .


With maples being dark, they will not stick out like sore thumbs ie: sweetcorn etc will betray themselves easily to the imformed eye .

Also,  They will, in my opinion pick out bigger fish because of their colour being more nutral against the bottom of the lake.

I know a chap who used to fish kingfisher lake at ringwood that used black baits  his name was alf angers he used to fish redmire pool .

Keep checking the margins to make sure your bait is still going. After baiting for anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks give it a rest for no longer than a week then go fishing.

When you get to the  lake for your first session  since the baiting campain, first get some bait in where your going to fish, maybe have a wander and sprinkle some in your nearest margins, they may come in handy later, then  just set up your stall.

Take your time, try to keep quiet, when youve done that, get a bit more bait in to your chosen area. You want to get fish in and feeding dont look for bulk catches on this type of water one fish could make your whole session or even season.

What I used to do is when I,m on  a longish session would be to get myself set up and my swim sorted put some more bait in and then go and do  a bit of stalking, or even fish spotting. Then when the light was fading I would get my baits out into position ready for the night.

Rigs should always be kept simple, no need to complicate things with uneccessary rigs. When using particles that have been well prebaited use short hook links say 2-3inches in length maybe slightly longer with bigger fish Bolt rigs of coarse.. if your using say 6- 7 inch and their getting away with it, shorten it up a bit and see the difference. dont be fooled into striking at every twitchof the line as you will no doubt experience plenty of line bites.

Leads, I normally go for 3 onz dumpy type leads not the super duper all flying dancing camo whatevers, but just smallest dumpiest ones. I tend to use these because they concentrate weight in one place. I want a lead to stay where it is put and not to move around to much. When a fish takes it youve got him.

use of bait!!! while your fishing ,  if I knew the answer to this one ???       

little and often, when you get  a fish put a bit more in if your not gettin bites but the fish are there youve probably put too much in ,

I tend to dribble some in to keep the interest . if youve got it right youll have a good session .

I remember once helping a young lad on a particular lake I fished , He would always be there gleaning imformation from me, which I freely gave.  I returned to the lake a few months later , after fishing another lake, and who should come along, the same young lad, he was looking keen as nuts, I greeted him and asked what was on etc.  His answer "cant say"and calmly walked off round the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the same lake I bumbed into a chap I knew Icouldnt help looking secretly at his bait bucket he was carrying round the lake. Next week I took maples with me and had  a few ,  sorry Martin Herbitson  micklemarsh and timsbury angling club  there thats off me chest ....       

Keep the bait going in and you will catch all year on your bait . Dont hand it out willy nilly youve done the hard work and you can reap the rewards . Not many anglers will bother to do all this,In the end  you will only get out what you put in.   thats life I spose


phew right ,, now your on a lake with a high stock level, fish to 22lbs, a  20 being as big as they goish the norm being mid doubles, a  high double is a big fish.   

the bottom will probably silty water colour will vary but lets say not clear . This will be because of the continual feeding fish , there will be a stock level of prbably 200 fish +  the lake will be 2 acres or so .

First choose a bait that is visible you want the fish to find the bait by sight and feel  so maybe go  for a bigger bait say chick peas, maize,  butter beans  yes butter beans ie lema beans , barlotti,s  something a bit biggish.

By starting with a bigger bait you can always go down in size next season when theyve got the measure of you .

Repeat the above instructions stick some bait in use some more  if needed . get them on it .

In my opinion you will need less baiting on this water but me being me I usually go for it plus youhave a lot of hungry carp there .

This is me and a mate fishing A LAKE somewhere in Cornwall filled with fish

go fishing caught a few between us but not too good considering the stock .

Hmm go down to feed store pick up 2x 25 kg sacks of maize soak and boil leave for a bit . feed generously over  a period of 3 weeks after dark of coarse buy another couple of bags .!!!

go fishing..... put some bait in set up and go ... strange whats on here fish all over the place

4 weeks later & 300+ fish later

Baliff  john boy      " had  a few then"    "yea"    "not bad then"    "no"

I had two bites the other night  missed em    ohh

two weeks later got repremanded for being a bad boy    who me   








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