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Hello and welcome to my guide to making your own passport photos for next to nothing.

These booths charge £3.50 for four photos where I live, which is expensive, and not 100% reliable to get a good photo.

Why not do it at home, it's not that difficult.

You will need, 1 piece of 4" by 6" high gloss photo paper, a semi decent photo printer, photo software and knowledge on how it works, a digital camera (hi res not essential, 1MP minimum though), a white towel and maybe someone to help out.

1 : pin the white towel up against a wall, this is your backdrop.

2: read up on passport photo rules and comply to them with your appearenece.

3: If alone, position camera to take photo, if being helped, ask helper to take photo.

4: Stand infront of towel backdrop, take more then one photograph, then view pictures and see if any are suitable for a passport photo.

5: upload suitable pictures to P.C.

6: A passport picture is exactly 35mm by 45mm in size, cut and crop picture to these dimensions, this might take some time to get the picture just right, be patient.

7: setup printer to take 4" by 6" photo paper, software should adjust layout accordingly.

8: copy edited image four times and spread evenly into the layout, you should leave at least a 15mm gap between the photos, arrage in a two by two layout.

9: if you are happy, save your work.

10: Print.

And there you go, for a few minutes work at your computer, you've made yourself passport photos for a lot less than the booths

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