pay pal not secure as they adveritse!!

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hi i have just read a report on pay pal and thought i need to write my experience to warn others.  This is not a 100% secure site as they advertise, i had someone get into my account take bank and credit card details and within 24 hours spent a total of nearly £5000 on ebay and various other sites and stores. luckily my bank rang me to tell me i was going over my overdraft and credit card limits and they instantly put a stop on them.  pay pal i must say were very good at handling my case, i did get my money refunded within 3 weeks i also gave them the persons name and address who was spending my money (the idiots when bidding on ebay put their name and address for delivery!! not that clever after all!!.)What i am warning people is to not give anyone your bank details etc or do not have them saved. since i experienced this i have met 3 other people this has happened to so please be careful it is not as secure as it says.

pay pal

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