paying by cheque,DO NOT,,, use paypal only

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i recently won and paid for a sewing machine, it eventually arrived in a cardboard box nothing special held together with cellotape, it also had a piece of gaffer tape with bubble wrap inside taped to box, with trepidation i opened box to find machine had just been put in box  no bubble wrap and the reel holders were stuck through the box where the gaffer tape was stuck. i plugged the £65 machine in guess what  it doesnt work. i phoned the seller  and to cut a long story short she said no refund, as she is 3 hundred miles away im left with junk. advice dont pay by cheque. if you cant pay by paypal,DO NOT BUY IT,ps the sellers phone no on ebay doesnt exist, there was a phone no on box no answer. she wont answer my calls to her mobile, so i dont have a leg to stand on. pay by cheque at your own expense, you have no recall. as for this seller nothing good comes from being unfair
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