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hi i sold a d500 on ebay to a magaret grant in scotland. i stay in london. i was asked to take this phone off ebay as she wanted to buy it now  and could i stop the auction. i did and posted the phone within 3 days. then i started to get email from her, to say the phone has not came. this is weeks after i posted it. i rang the phone and a lady answered in scottish. i asked who she was and that was my phone as it had my chip in it with £30 worth of credit. she hung up. (suprise, suprise)  i then contacted the police in scotland where this lady comes from and spoke to a dci who stated that this lady was under survalance due to reports of stolen mail from others. (her son works for royal mail ) and investigation by royal mail. she contacted paypal and stated she was old and did not get this phone. (rubbish.) she got it all right. but i lost my case with paypal and have to pay this con lady back her money. (yeh right) so i lose what i sold phone for, lose the phone, and 30 pounds of credit. so i have decided she wont get a penny from me, as i wont use paypal now, and for paypal to take sides like that when i had 42 (100%) feedback. and this lady had none.but im in the wrong. even with police and royal mail investigations going on. i still lost my case with paypal. what a joke it is. and not one person even helped from paypay. and last week i just bought the same phone from ebay as im out of pocket. buy another £100. yet paypal dont see it like that as long as they get there cut. so if ive kept the phone mrs magaret grant, why did i just pay out for another one. your a thief and a con lady and i hope others manage to see what your up to. you shouldnt be on ebay. no wounder you dont get any feedback.
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