paypal and recorded delivery - beware

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BE AWARE, that if you purchase an item which is sent via recorded delivery,    you as a buyer, do not seem to have any safety net by using paypal.     EVEN IF YOU CAN PROVE YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE ITEM.     A complaint of non receipt to paypal is a waste of time,  as the only thing they are interested in is, that the seller  has a  Recorded Delivery tracking number.  

My purchase was sent back to the seller, as the Post office had tried to deliver it to my next door neighbour who was on holiday (Why!  Was  it wrongly addressed?).  They left the card there  at my neighbours - and    needless to say, that by the time they came back from holiday, the parcel had been sent back to the seller.   Paypal were not interested.   I gave   all the information needed for Paypal to check with the Post Office,   Even giving a contact name and number.     So the seller now has MY cash,  PLUS -  HE can reclaim from the Post Office and I cannot, as I do not have the proof of posting slip.      Just BE AWARE .     Do not think that by paying  with  paypal, that a report of non receipt,  even if you can supply the proof that it was never delivered to you,   will  be concluded satisfactorally to you .      

ONLY THE RECORDED DELIVERY  TRACKING NUMBER SEEMS TO BE  IMPORTANT TO PAYPAL.     Even tho' they do not apear to  fully check  it to its' conclusion when you report  and can prove it was never delivered to your addressanything bought with paypal

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