paypal and their supposed protection scheme

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buyers on ebay please beware.if you think you are covered by the so-called Paypal Buyers Protection scheme you are in for a big shock.Oh yes - this scheme works fine if the fraudulent seller has money in his / her Paypal account -but if not you are wasting your time even contacting Paypal.They will instruct you to return the item and then issue them with a tracking number.By now the fraudulent seller is well aware that there is a dispute open and has had ample opportunity to remove any money from his/her account.Once having received the item you have returned on Paypals instruction - and Paypal will not consider a claim until you have done so - the seller is now in possession of both the item you purchased and your hard earned money.And all Paypal will tell you is that as the seller has no money in their account with which to refund you they can do nothing else until such time as money reappears in the account.Probably when hell freezes over.So when you read the reassuring blurb about paying with Paypal and their protection schemes take it with a pinch of salt.BUYERS BEWARE.
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