paypal and there so called heavies nco

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roughly about 8 months ago i sold an item through ebay and the buyer payed up straight away i sent him his item and he left me feedback for receiving it. then out the blue the guy started a dispute saying he hadnt received the item after he had already told me he had. to cut a long story short paypal put my account into minus and told me to send them confirmation of postage. which i did after trying to get a fax no that actually worked from them. (took 2 weeks). and then i get an email saying they have took the buyers side and refunded him half the money. i now have a so called debt collecting agency NCO ringing on behalf of paypal. pretty much  every day they call sometimes not even saying anything when i answer the phone just hanging up. i have tryed to get through to paypal who dont care in the slightest and as for NCO i think they must run there buisness out of a garden shed lol. as they are just as useless. after finding some info about nco i have learned NOT to pay them as all they can do is tell you how they are going send someone round to your house to collect the money ect. thing is ive been telling NCO to take me to court and send there so called people round to my house and nothing happens because they are a FARSE . A COMPLETE AND UTTER JOKE

my advise is if your suffering the same problem as i am tell them where to go for there money there isnt anything they can do to get it from you they are just trying to scare inocent people into paying up money they dont owe. Just laugh down the phone it really gets there anoyed as i found out the other day

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