paypal beware!!!

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I used to use paypal for everything when i had my old ebay account and got great feedback as i dont have the time to mess about posting cheques, doing bankers drafts etc and using paypal i could log in press pay etc etc and i didnt have to worry about it until i sold an item to someone abroad, they paid and i sent the item, 2 months later once i had lost the posting information i got an email from paypal saying they were going to do a charge back to the buyer credit card as it had fraudulently been used so now i am 300 pound down and the item will never be seen again.

now i refuse to use paypal. it wasnt my fault the card had been fraudulently used, i thought credit card companies had insurance for this and if you didnt have insurance well tough!!

if i crash into the back of someone with no insurance i am well screwed, the police wont turn around to the third party and demand they pay for it.

come on paypal and ebay get it together, there is other auction sites out there and they are becoming ever popular.

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