paypal commision fraud?

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I recently bought an item with Paypal instant invoice,shortly after I got a very badly writen e-mail from the seller asking me to pay the money to different account,when I told him I had already paid I got an abusive mail telling me that the account paid was not being used cos'some-one had hacked into it and nicked loads of money,so you won;t be getting the goods,I immediately filed a dispute and claimed the payment back,the Paypal staff were great and handled everything,freezing the sellers account and eventually removing the scammer from e-bay, I paid him £400,they recovered what was in his account £386,which I had credited to my card ! not £400 because Paypal had taken  the Sellers commision out and this was all that was in the account,they then said I had to get the £14 back from him? But THEY had taken the sellers commision from MY payment and not re-funded it as the sale did not take place.I cannot get any redress from Paypal and think that it is totally wrong for them to keep my money as it is up to them to charge the fraudster for the trouble and as no sale,no commission due, no wonder they are making a fortune!
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