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I totally agree with debbie who wrote the guide about paypal as the same sort of thing happened to me.

I sold an item trough e bay and was paid by the buyer through paypal. My item was listed legitimatley but when the buyer recieved the item (which she signed for) she opened a dispute to say the item had not been recieved. I provided paypal with all the paperwork ie tracking number to show that the item had in fact been recieved and signed for by the buyer. After about a month paypal went in favour of me as i had provided everything thay needed to show that she had recieved the item and my account was put back to normal. This was not the end though about a month later i went into my account and again the account was in debit i asked paypal what was going on and they told me the buyer had opened a dipute with the credit card company and that until it was sorted that once again my account would remain in debit. I had already won one case but now the buyer was saying that the goods were not as described. Again i sent all the info and told them to pass on my listing to the cc company to prove that the item was as described and was recieved . That was basically all the input i had into fighting the credit card company against the refund. Apparently paypal would fight the case for me (you would assume that because i had already won one case i would win the second) they were obviously not bothered as a month later i was told the refund had been given and that i now owe the money to paypal. This woman went through every channel she could to get her money back and although to me it was obvious she wanted the item but didnt want to pay for it i was the one who got penalised.

So just be careful taking payments through paypal as debbie was right they do protect the buyer and not the seller and if they really want thier money back they will get it but will also get to keep the item and you are the one who loses out twice..........

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