paypal-hard to communicate with, can cause problems

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I have just read 2 experiences of paypal, by chance and want to relate mine. I paid for an item through paypal quite innocently. all previuos payments have been fine. This time i received an irate note from a seller saying what was i up to-he had sent the item and the money i sent thru paypal had come into his account then been retracted. he said if you dont pay up i will complain to paypal.

This all happened when we had gone away for a few days and did not go on the internet. the seller sent a complaint to paypal. thereon i sorted it out but it was a lot of hassle, and not knowing the outcome at the time eg wrong unfair publicity for me. I do happen to be an honorable person.

Ebay eventually told me the bank had refused to pay the amount they wanted. Previously all i paid for was taken out of my bank acct by paypal. I asked the bank why they had refused payment. They had no details of the transaction at all. as far as they were concerned they had not done any thing. So back to paypal. after looking at the scenario, I think they were at fault. they paid the seller, then took the money out of his account, without telling me anything. If they had told me i could have paid the seller by another means before he at the complained to paypal about me! 

so there we are, beware about the difficulties that cab befall unawares to you.

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