paypal lie no refund fraud beaware china faulty

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i bought a watch phone from china. wheni received the watch  phone it was faulty, the seller had knowingly sent a faulty item. i asked the seller for return address, he tried to blackmail me by saying give me positive feedback first. i raised the dispute with paypal. they gave me an address. i went to the post office here in UK. paid the fee for postage paid a lot extra for tracking and getting a signature etc. I gave paypal the tracking info. for weeks i didnt get a response. then i made a complaint, they asked me to send within 24 hours the original receipts or my case will be closed. i then spent 3.5 hours on the phone with paypal customer serices to try and scan and send paypal this info. then for weeks paypal did not respond again. i made another complaint. they then told me the tracking information i gave them was invalid. i then wrote to my post office to check why my parcel had not been delivered - they told me it is illegal to send cell mobile phones to china. paypal had misled me. I have lost almost £100 due to the mis-guidance of email is jghazanfar at yahoo dot co dot uk
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