paypal only WHY?

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I want to know why ebay are making it impossible to sell without having a paypal account.

I have read loads of reviews stating paypal is not to be trusted for different reasons also i had a lady pick an item up from me a while back and she told me how her mother had bought something and was going to pay by paypal however when she found out her daughter was collecting this item from me she asked if she would pick that up aswell as it was in the same area her daughter agreed and she wrote to the seller asking if it would be ok the seller agreed and gave her the address the daughter spent 3 hours searching for this address and finally asked a local resident to be told it didnt exist she checked later on a map and it didnt .her mother emailed the seller and never heard anything she complained to paypal and ebay about it but the seller closed there account so she was told nothing could be done luckily she had cancelled her payment as she thought the item was going to be picked up but if she hadnt she would have lost out .i know you can claim from paypal etc but you can only do this if its above a certain amount or so i was told,,.

anyway after all this i was adamant i would not use paypal then one day not long ago i was listing some items i wanted to list some henna which i had sold   only a few weeks previously but when i tried to list it i was told i had to have a paypal account to enable me to sell this particular item (there was no reason given for this) i emailed ebay and  recieved a standard reply saying they would contact me they did but never explained why im still tryin to find out .

Because of this i decided if i wanted to carry on selling anything on ebay i would have to open a paypal account against my better judgement i did so.

i run my paypal account through my bank as i dont have a credit card.

I put some funds into my account as i figured if i have one i may aswell use it to buy some items as most ebay sellers seem to want paypal only for some reason.

the first item i bought the transaction went fine but the second which was approximately 5 minutes later i paid for the item as i had done the first one to be told the payment was goin to be by e-cheque even though i had enough funds in my paypal account to cover it,i was furious i spent 2 hours on the phone to paypal trying to sort it out and all they could say was if i had a debit or credit card it would help this of course was no good to me they ended by saying they would sort it out but they took two weeks for the money to leave my bank and the sale to go through because of this(why it takes 2 weeks when it only takes 3 days to transfer money from one bank to another is ridiculous)

they never sorted it out for me and they have done the same thing again in the past few days did i ring them again NO why bother everyone i have spoken to about this (ie other ebay members )have said the same thing do NOT expect any help from paypal .

anyway the other day i decided to list some items and i wanted to list my old ps2 so i did only to be told that not only did i have to accept paypal but that i could not accept any other sort of payment for it .WHY?

as ive already stated it takes 2 weeks for funds to go from my bank to paypal so im guessing it takes the same to withdraw funds now as a ps2 is not a lightweight item its not going to be cheap postage so that means i have to withdraw the payment from paypal to my bank and the poor buyer has to wait almost 3 weeks for there item even tho they paid by paypal which is supposed to be automatic.


surely we should have a choice about which payments we will accept and surely buyers should have a choice too there is nothing worse when you dont have a paypal account than finding an item you want and cant get because the seller states PAYPAL only sorry but does cash no longer work in this country or is it already a credit card state.   

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