paypal payments beware!

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i have been selling  the odd pair shoes for a while and was emailed  a site in china that had the new apple i phone in stock, money was building up nice and slowly in my paypal account so i decided to attempt to purchase one item from this site using the secure paypal payment option, this was to a value of £190.00 and within a few hours my paypal was limited and because of this purchase of over 250 dollars it has created a warning of unsecure high risk transation.

so after a few emails they wanted all transations and invoices including tracking no.s for a the last 10 sales i made via ebay even phone no verification i did exaclty what they said and more but this was a time consuming process the bank details the invoices all the tracking no.s and even passport were faxed to them. the transation to the company in china eventually was refunded back into my account so i wasnt that bothered , but because i made the attempt to purchase an item out of the ebay site. they have frozen my account and all money in it for 180 days . i have sent many emails saying and asking for this to be reopened so i can atleast pay the ebay fees incured, but they refuse to allow me to get to the money or continue to us this ebay paypalaccount.

unbelievable that i was treated with such unprofesional conduct ...why my account is frozen and i cannot send the money to my verified bank is beyond me.

so people beware of what you purchase using paypal as it could mess up your business as there policy,s suck !!!



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